CHP's Corporate Responsibility Program: A Brief Summary

Compliance Orientation
All associates, board members and volunteers throughout our health system receive our Core Values in Action booklet (PDF) to help them better understand and comply with healthcare laws, regulations and rules, as well as our corporate ethics. They also attend a corporate responsibility orientation session based on the booklet's contents and sign a formal pledge to abide by CHP's Code of Responsibility and Standards of Responsible Conduct, which appear in the booklet.

All associates are made available computer-based compliance training to support our ongoing education within specialty areas of healthcare. It ensures that they understand and abide by all of the most up-to-date healthcare laws, rules and regulations.

Three-Step Reporting Process
We encourage our associates, volunteers and patients to speak up if they have questions or concerns as to what is the right thing to do in a particular situation or about potential violations of laws, regulations, policies, procedures or about the CHP Standards of Responsible Conduct.

Associates and volunteers are encouraged to talk first with their supervisors or other managers in the organization. If these individuals cannot help or are not a suitable resource, the next step is to contact the organization's corporate or market Corporate Responsibility Officer (PDF). If the concern still cannot be resolved, the third step is to call the 24-hour CHP ReportLine at 1-888-302-9224 or to report the concern via the CHP ReportLine website ( ReportLine passes the information to one of CHP's Corporate Responsibility Officers, who respond to all such calls. The ReportLine is also available to the outside community and patients who may have questions or concerns.

Associates throughout CHP also receive special training in the federal HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) regulations that protect the privacy and security of patient health information, and they are held accountable for abiding by them. In compliance with HIPAA, all patients of CHP facilities receive a copy of the facility's Notice of Privacy Practices. Here is the Notice of Privacy Practices for CHP and its markets.

Transparency & Responsible Governance
At Catholic Health Partners, we consistently demonstrate our commitment to transparency and responsible governance. In 2001, we began posting our quarterly financial results on our website for all to see. In addition, we voluntarily adopted policies that either meet or exceed many of the provisions of the Sarbanes-Oxley corporate reform legislation passed by Congress in July 2002. These policies are designed to ensure the objectivity, independence and expertise of our board of trustees and its audit committee and to ensure clear, concise and complete financial reporting and disclosure.